Proleve Pet Tincture: 500 mg CBD for Pets

If you’re a pet lover, then you know that they’re part of your family. It is important to ensure that your pet is content and healthy. One way to help your furry friend is offering them CBD oil.

CBD has been found to have many advantages for pets, such as decreasing anxiety, relieving pain, and assisting with seizures. Prove Pet Tincture can be utilized to provide your pet CBD oil. It comes in a dosage of 500 mg and is made from hemp extract that is organic.

How CBD is beneficial to pets

CBD is a compound that is found in hemp plants. It is one of the cannabinoids that are in the plant. CBD is a potent health ingredient with many advantages, including anxiety relief, pain relief, and seizures prevention.

In the case of pets, CBD can help reduce anxiety. CBD oil is a great option to ease your pet’s anxiety and anxiety and. CBD oil can also be used to relieve pain.

CBD oil might aid in easing discomfort in pets suffering from arthritis. Pets with seizures may get benefit from CBD oil. If your pet suffers from epilepsy or another disorder that causes seizures, CBD oil can help to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures.

How to Adminster CBD Oil To Your Pet:

There are many choices for giving CBD oil to your pet. It is best to add CBD oil your pet’s food. You can also offer them CBD oil directly by placing it on their tongue.

You can begin slowly increasing the CBD amount that you use but just a small amount initially. You may also apply a topical CBD oil on your pet in case you notice joint discomfort or inflammation. Apply the oil on the area of pain and massage it in.

CBD Dosing for Pets:

The dosage for pets will differ based on their weight and the severity of their conditions. It is possible to start with a small dose of 0.25 mg per kilogram. This can provide general relief from anxiety. For more serious illnesses, such as cancer or epilepsy, you can up the dosage to 0.50mg per kilogram of weight.

It is recommended to begin with a lower dosage and gradually increase it over time until you find the right dose for your pet. Stop immediately giving CBD to your pet and speak with your vet if you experience side effects.

Can CBD Effective?

CBD oil is a great way to reduce pain and anxiety for your pet. Talk to your veterinarian about whether CBD oil is right for your pet and what dosage to use. Start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount until you find the right dose to suit your pet. If you observe any side negative effects, discontinue giving your pet CBD and talk to your vet.

Is it possible to give your pet too much CBD oil?

It is possible to administer too much CBD oil to your pet. You should immediately stop the use of CBD oil for your pet if you experience adverse effects such as vomiting, drowsiness or diarrhea.


CBD oil can be a reliable and effective method to ease your pet’s anxiety and pain. Discuss with your vet the possibility of CBD oil is appropriate for your pet and what dosage you should use. Begin with a small dose and increase it slowly in time until you have the appropriate dosage for your pet. If you observe any adverse negative effects or adverse reactions, you should stop the CBD treatment for your pet and consult your veterinarian.


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